Summer Camp Impact

I am a born and raised Christian. Growing up, I attended a Christian school and I was an avid Pathfinder. I participated and volunteered in our church's VBS every summer and was baptized when I was 10 years old. As soon as I was old enough, my mom asked if I wanted to go to summer camp. I was hesitant at first, but that soon disappeared as I became thrilled at the idea. The time came for me to leave home for a week, and as I spent my time with new people and making new memories, there was no room for homesickness. I loved camp so much that I returned the next year and the year after that. I attended camp for two weeks a summer, ecstatic to see my friends and spend my summer at one of the best places on earth. Over the 7 years I attended the camp, I had been a camper at least 10 summers over that span of time.

As camp can be a great place to hang out, it was at camp where I learned a lot in my life. I had made camp my second home, my refuge. During the years as a camper, my parents were going through a divorce and camp was the place where I could get away from everything. I would go to camp broken, and throughout the week, I would be reminded about the God that created me. Every summer I went, God shaped and molded me into the person I am today. He put the right counselors and the right staff in my path to lift me up and mentor me. If it wasn’t for camp, my life would be a different story entirely. It was at camp where I learned about the Heavenly Father that truly loved me- the Heavenly Father that sent down his son to die for me despite the mess I was. Through the plays, through the songs- I was reminded of the promises and the plan that God has laid out for me.

It was at camp where I learned to not only play music, but to lead a worship. It was at camp where I felt at home and at peace amidst turmoil. It was at camp where I learned to love my Savior. God has done so much in my life, and I pray that I can serve Him to the best I can with the talents He has given to me. I am excited to know that I am a part of a team of people who work together to bring people to Christ.

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