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My wife is a physician’s assistant who works in Nephrology, which is a specialty that deals with people who are having kidney problems. Many of her patients require dialysis treatment 3x a week just to stay alive. Most of them suffer from a variety of other conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease in addition to their kidney problems. This population has a very high risk of hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. Today she came home frustrated that many of them are being forced to put their lives at risk by venturing out into the community because they have no one to help them buy groceries and other necessities.

This is just one example of need in our local community. There are lots of them. Many were there before anyone had ever head of COVID-19. We as Christians have been called to share the love of Christ with those around us. But this is much deeper than giving someone a theology lesson. When Jesus was here on earth He addressed both their physical and spiritual needs. Yet so often, I find myself simply trading platitudes with friends at church while avoiding any situation that requires legitimate sacrifice.

There are a lot of possible excuses, barriers that keep us from getting involved in our community. Barriers that keep us connecting with God. Barriers that keep us from connecting with each other. Bridge is chance for us to remove some of those barriers that keep us apart and allow us to go all in to make an impact on the world around us. Your community needs you. The church needs you. People are hungry, hurting, helpless. Let’s start a movement in our generation against lazy Christianity. Bridge.

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