Are you still watching?

Has this happened to you? You’re sitting at home, watching your favorite show on Netflix. Social distancing has been in effect for about two weeks, so you can’t leave your house. You’re munching on your favorite snacks, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and you finish a couple of episodes of the show you’ve been bingeing. During the episodes, you text your friends, you scroll through Instagram- not paying attention to what is playing on your TV. A few minutes pass, you look up from your phone and there is a message on your TV from Netflix: “Are you still watching?“

It’s kind of difficult not to keep watching Netflix. I mean, you’re stuck inside, bored out of your mind, and you still have so many shows you need to catch up on. However, Netflix isn’t the only one wanting to catch your attention. I can’t check Facebook without seeing headlines about the Coronavirus from the government, the CDC, or from my Facebook friends. You can’t go through a day without hearing someone mention this pandemic on the news or read it in an article. The majority of what we hear isn’t cheerful, and I often find myself getting wrapped up in the fear that this won’t ever end. 

But it will.

Look, things are going to get worse before they are going to get better. We are still going to see headline after headline of bad news way before we will see a change. However, this doesn’t have to be what we watch; we have a choice to answer “No” when the news or the media bombards us with the question of “ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?”

Despite the news and what we see portrayed, there is so much that we cannot see. There is someone greater than all of this mess- someone greater than all this fear and turmoil. Unlike the news or all the bad things happening in our lives, He is the gentle reminder in our life that we often miss. How often do the stresses of life weigh us down? “Am I going to get the job?” “Am I going to get into the best school?” “Will I ever get married?” We can get so enamored in what is happening in the present day that we forget the promises God has made to us in the past. In the Bible, we read stories of His glory and magnificence. We read about times when Jesus draws in crowds to tell about His Heavenly Father and how much He loves them. We read about the disciples preaching the good news to everyone despite the oppression from the temple leaders. The Bible is filled with stories of trials and tribulations that God’s people have gone through. These stories are what make up our faith and draw us closer to Christ.

God, throughout our time here on Earth, has sent little reminders that not everything is as bad as we think it is. A rainbow after a thunderstorm, blossoming flowers after a nice rain, warm sunshine trickling through our curtains in the morning. People check in on you during social distancing, the perfect song comes on the radio at just the right time, and words of comfort are spoken and it’s what you needed to hear. God knows exactly what you need and He blesses you at the moment that you need it the most. His timing is perfect, and we can rest knowing that He has the victory over any trial in our lives- even the Coronavirus.

In a time where everyone is shouting, God chooses to whisper: 

Are you still watching?

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